(In alphabetical order)


Dir. Dane C. Collier

“Damn Near” is a sitcom about a millennial named Fallon who finds herself failing at life. Growing up, her grandmother always said, “a person should have their shit together by 25.” Fast forward to the present, Fallon is now 28, “Damn Near” 30, and working as a meter maid — Yikes — So with the help of her best friend, Kristina, a fame obsessed pot head with reality star ambitions, Fallon sets out to turn her life around.


Dir. Julius Kelly

A criminal new to fatherhood, a recently widowed investigator, and an abandoned son all find themselves in situations that force them to revisit their pasts that will affect their decisions on how to become a better man.


Dir. Jon Sosis

A female-driven workplace comedy about the low-level employees at fictional record label, East Pacific Records.


Dir. Derrick Hammond

To most, Londyn Azure is a beautiful, young fashion boutique owner with a great sense of style. However, behind the beauty lies a dark secret: she’s running the fastest growing drug ring in the city. With the help of her mentor and partner Eiffel, she has carved out a sizeable piece of the market while remaining under the radar of rivals and the police…for the moment. Nobody goes unnoticed in the game for long. Her work quickly becomes known on the street; her ruthlessness only surpassed by her beauty.


Written & Created by Brittany Tomkin & Jorja Hudson

“​Myrtle & Willoughby” is a comedy mini-series about two Bushwick cops working in Brooklyn’s ‘Millennial Crimes Unit’. When a twenty-something is found dead in a Bushwick gallery with a bag of Molly and an unsent text message, Detectives Myrtle and Willoughby risk their jobs, their lives and even their brunch plans to pursue the truth.


Dir. Dolan Bloom

NANNIES is a new series that follows four New York babysitters navigating dysfunctional parents, inquisitive kids, and their own ambivalence.


Dir. Alfie Fuller & Glenn Quentin

M, sorry Pagnecham, is ready for her hip hop breakthrough. She has a name, a brand, and a posse. Only problem is nobody knows who she is. As M continues to navigate the world of music, she meets new friends from the social media world and music industry that could give her the push she needs. But when her crazy experiment starts to bear fruit, she has to decide how far she’s willing to go or will she just flip-flop and take the easy road once again?


Dir. Carey Williams

Nathaniel and Danielle Collison try to maintain balance and peace in their relationship despite uncertainties regarding Nathaniel’s acting career.  The rollercoaster relationship has it’s ups and downs and is strained at times when discussing finances and starting a family, but it’s biggest test comes when Nathaniel finally receives the call that he’s been waiting for and sacrifices must be made.


Dir. Marlene Rhein

A famous hip hop DJ with anxiety discovers therapy via Groupon.


Dir. Allen Maldonado

The Struggle follows the life of Natasha, an aspiring actress from New York with dreams of becoming a superstar. She finally gets the call that all actors wait for saying, “You got the part,” but this dream quickly becomes a nightmare. The moment she lands in California she’s informed that the show she was set to star in has been cancelled. With the pressure of proving her dad wrong and not letting everyone down back home, she decides to tough it out in Los Angeles as a struggling actress. That’s where the adventure begins.