(In alphabetical order)


Dir. Christina Richardson

Rayven is convinced that she needs a one night stand to take the emotions out of sex. Her best friend Eric is determined to help her find the best candidate.

Screening Time:

Saturday | Block 2 | 4:20p – 5:40p

Queen’s English

Dir. Tyler Dwiggins

Tucker is the queen of the night in drag, but struggles with his confidence in the harsh light of day. Can drag queens have it all?

Screening Time:

Saturday | Block 3 | 6:00p – 7:10p

Rhonda Mitchell MD

Dir. Jowanda Durham

The life of an ambitious, Type-A doctor gets turned upside down when she gets fired from her dream job and returns home to work in her father’s Harlem-based clinic.

Screening Time:

Sunday | Block 1 | 2:00p – 3:10p

Woe Is She

Dir. Chelsea B. Lockie

Jenny is jobless, homeless, has been diagnosed with depression, and is trying hard to get better. As Jenny recovers, she stays with her best friend Nicole, a flippant, somewhat superficial but well-meaning bad influence. Can friendship cure depression? No. But what if it’s all you’ve got?

Screening Time:

Saturday | Block 3 | 6:00p – 7:10p